Me - not taking life too seriously. 

not a real princess.

Yes, I have a name. It is Emily. I consider myself to be selectively private especially about my personal life. But I guess goodbye to that as I'm starting to blog. I hate to write actually - always have. So my posts will be short and straight to the point. 

I was born and raised in Canada, or the Great White North, or America's Hat, or the Land of Igloos & Eskimos - whatever you'd like to call it. I'm currently an economics & finance major (I'm Asian - of course I'm great with numbers), and an agency-represented model. My dream job is to be a serial entrepreneur. I want to do it all. There's almost nothing I won't try once. One of my biggest goals in life is to be as well-rounded and knowledgeable as I can be. 

This blog is to document parts of my life. Welcome to my online diary.